07/2015 Isokyrö, Finland

Klas Eriksson

Forza Rosa Fluff

Klas Eriksson's Forza Rosa Fluff, a temporary sculpture on display in Isokyrö of the Western Finland, aimed to transform our perceptions of a familiar place. This monumental yet immaterial work was created on site in collaboration with volunteers. 

Public spaces provide a setting for communal experiences as well as self-expression. Our actions and behaviours are often influenced by self-evident or wholly invisible social and spatial restrictions. Eriksson challenges these limitations imposed on the public space and proposes new alternative ways of engagement by entering the personal space of passers-by unannounced.

In Forza Rosa Fluff, a group of people unexpectedly transformed the place's appearance, in a move that was at once aesthetically appealing and threatening. It offered a communal experience, in which the participants claimed the space momentarily without leaving a permanent physical mark. Eriksson's artwork aims to change the meanings and limitations inherent in a familiar urban space, both visually and in terms of our practical experience of it.

Forza Rosa Fluff produced by Checkpoint Helsinki and Kyrö Distillery Company was seen at Perttilä Bridge in Isokyrö, Finland, on 25 July 2015 at 17:00. 


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Photo: testing Forza Rosa Fluff, Isokyrö, 2015