Finnish Arts Policy Handbook

The Finnish Arts Policy Handbook was published in Finnish in April 2015, on the brink of Finnish parliamentary elections. The handbook is a continuation of the Finnish Art policy event, which brought the general public, those working in the field of art and policy makers together to exchange views on art and cultural policy.

The book is a guide to the making and understanding of the arts and cultural policy in Finland. The work focuses on the ten Finland-based political parties’ views on art and cultural policy and the analysis of these views. In addition, it includes the views of artists, politicians, researchers and reporters on the effects and making of art and cultural policy and of the changed conditions in the policy.

The authors of the publication are amongst others: researchers Pauli Rautiainen and Olli Jakonen, film director Hannaleena Hauru, artist Freja Bäckman, critic and performance artist Eeva Kemppi and the reporter Kimmo Jylhämö. The handbook is compiled by curator and artist Jussi Koitela.

The handbook is published jointly by Checkpoint Helsinki and Baltic Circle festival and supported by Helsinki City, Kone Foundation and 113 private donors.

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