Q&A: Klas Eriksson

Why pink, why orange? 

The colours are choosen from an idea about the location and the inviting institution and so forth. As an example the orange smoke covered the parliament of Denmark, a color used as a signal of emergency. The blue seen in Estonia in 2014 was more to create a collaboration with the sky as well as with one of the colours in the nation flag.

All in all the interpretation of the colour used along side the title is widely open for interpretation by the by standers or spectators of the work itself.

The idea is to create an artwork that is not obviously connected to a certain reading. It is meant to create more questions than answers. I like it to see it as a comment upon my view of today's society, with a conscious lack of morals or truths to it. It's art.


What about the title? 

The title for the work in Finland is Forza Rosa Fluff and connotates to porn, art and expectations, and the artists conditions with in a highly neo liberal/capitalist environment. 



Forza Rosa Fluff by Klas Eriksson was seen in Isokyrö, Finland, at the of July 2015.