Koko Hubara

Koko Hubara is a writer. Her main theme is the ongoing negotiation of the conditions of identity, diaspora, history, nationality/nationalism, structural racism, sexuality, parenting, which she, as a racialized woman, finds herself in. These are also the main topics of her blog Ruskeat tytöt (in English Brown Girls). Hubara’s blog is at the moment the only regularly published blog that is targeted to racialized Finnish people.

Hubara has studied English Philology, North American Studies, Social Work and Media and Communication Studies at the University of Helsinki. She has ten years’ of experience as a journalist and she has specialized especially in hiphop culture. Hubara grew up in a Yemenite Jewish-Finnish family in Vantaa.

Koko Hubara is performing together with Angel-Ho and Dope Saint Jude at the Aalto University's In-Between conference's art program that is curated by Ahmed Al-Nawas and Chirstopher Wessels. Read more about the conference here.

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