Ganzeer is the nom de plume of the graphic designer and artist from Cairo whose street images have come to epitomize the Egyptian Revolution for a global audience (take his stencil of a life-size tank near Tahrir Square, which continues to evoke local and global responses).

Crossing freely between art, graphic design and political "artivism", Ganzeer’s work has been seen in exhibitions from Egypt, Germany, Finland, Holland, Poland, Italy, the Arab Emirates and Jordan to Brazil and the USA. The Guardian has described Ganzeer as a major player in an emerging "counter-culture art scene on the mainstream radar", and has placed him on a list of 50 people shaping the culture of the Middle East today. While Art In America has associated Ganzeer with a "New Realism", the curators of Back to (The) Square 1 consider “Re-Aligned Art” a fresher term for his artistic practice, which responds with great artistic skill and political wit to the host of challenges faced by a new generation. 

Back to (The) Square 1 presented a series of posters by Ganzeer, originally made for street actions.