08-09/2014 Helsinki

Odd Bird exhibition

The Odd Bird exhibition opened the autumn in Kuva/Tila by Finnish Academy of Fine  Arts, featuring young artists across Europe.

Odd Bird was an overview of new art from European art academies. The works of ten young artists foreshadowed the future directions of contemporary art. The meaning of time and distance, of centre and periphery have has diminished along with the Internet. Has the resulting simultaneity created new frameworks for making art, unifying or homogenising artistic activities, or perhaps even narrowing them?

Who has the vision and the courage to do things differently? The exhibition concept and selection of artists was done by Seppo Salminen (Academy of Fine Arts, University of the Arts Helsinki) and Markus Kåhre (Checkpoint Helsinki).

Artists: Esther Brakenhoff (Amsterdam), Victoria Durnak (Oslo), Chris Fielder (Leeds), Harrie Liveart (Helsinki), Maria Malmberg (Kiel), Ronja Kim Pedersen (Stockholm), Annamaria Tatu (Vienna), Berkay Tezcan (Istanbul), Kristin Wiking (Helsinki).