Silta collective

If two is a collective, we are the Silta collective (Bridge collective).

If two collectives meet in a double togetherness, we meet each other in the Silta collective in the togetherness of our collectives.

If two can speak about their own, what can we speak about together?

If two can talk together without an assumption about what we should talk about, what we could talk about, what do we then talk about?

And what happens then?

The two-day event Outlines of the Helsinki based Silta collective is a feminist film festival feat. a live talk show which reflects on the memory of collectives, collective remembrance as well as collective amnesia. On the agenda of the live talk show are, among other things, power. Colonialism. Now. Indigenous peoples. Black feminism.

The event is held from 3rd to 4th October 2015 in WHS Teatteri Union. The event begins with an opening and ends with a party.

Silta collective are Maryan Abdulkarim and Pauliina Feodoroff, who are the presenters and audiences of each other’s public talk. Abdulkarim is a central actor of antiracist feminism in Finland, a writer, educator, activist and event organiser. Feodoroff is a Saami activist and a theater- and filmmaker. The duo works together for the first time in the Silta collective.