The Mosireen collective was founded during the Egyptian revolution. It grew out of the need to process the enormous mass of video and other media produced by the participants in the demonstrations. Using social-media of all kinds, Mosireen has been building an archive and resource for all researching and reporting on the struggles of the past few years.

Founded by a group of filmmakers, media and political activists, with a core group of 10–15 people, Mosireen provides media training, technical support, equipment and a library. Its members organize screenings, open discussions and other events while also producing their own video and cinematic work. One of their collective projects is Tahrir Cinema - in which the encampment in Tahrir Square was able to confront and learn from its own terrifying and exhilarating experiences.

Back to (The) Square 1 presented a selection of documentary videos from Mosireen's archive.