Klas Eriksson

Klas Eriksson is interested in control, power and limitations. He expresses himself through performance, video and sculpture. Eriksson’s point of departure is mass-culture, where, employing various strategies, he explores our notions of authenticity, power and artistic expression. Eriksson has established a communicative immediacy, which is both visually and conceptually innovative. His works often borrow their expressions from popular culture, subculture and various power structures.

Klas Eriksson has graduated as MFA at the Royal Insitute of Fine Art in Stockholm 2010. Recent appearances include solo exhibitions at Prosjektrum Norrmans at Stavanger, Norway (2015), Christian Larsen Gallery, Stockholm (2015), Kalmar Art Museum (2013), group exhibitions at Eduardo Secci Contemporary, Florence (2015), Telemarks Artcenter at Skien, Norway (2014), and public works at the Copenhagen Art Festival (2012), Bucharest Biennale 5 (2012), Gothenbourg International Biennale (2011). Klas Eriksson is respresented by Nordin Gallery in Stockholm.

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